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Zen Master & Dharma teacher G.Arnaud Painvin MD and Late Catherine Painvin MD are pleased to welcome you. We are providing mindfulness meditation classes 3 times per week which includes silent sitting meditation followed by teaching called Dharma talk and finally Q&A and discussion.

You have access to all Dharma Talks since November 2014. We are open to everyone and our classes are free. For more detailed information about our meditation classes you can find out more About Us.  If you are interested in joining our mailing list please Subscribe to our newsletter below.

Short quote from late little dog called Shih Tzu who was one of my best Zen Master:

“ I am not special, not dogmatic, do not walk on water, don’t take myself too seriously, make mistakes all the times and enjoy wonderful questions and challenges from students so I can learn from them. My job and joy is to try to help others with their struggles the best I can through the practice of meditation and the teaching of Zen Buddhism philosophy”.

As you may know Zen Buddhism is not based on faith per-se, doctrines, dogmas or scriptures but rather on strong spiritual practice based on daily mindfulness meditation, understanding down to earth existential philosophy and practice, both of them designed specifically to alleviate our suffering and its 3 main sources ( desire/I want, hatred / I don't want and delusion/illusion), and, finally, based on pure common sense. We do not preach a so-called divine truth but just factual realities of life and their subsequent wisdoms. Finally, we are against any proselytism, that is to say, to convert people's beliefs such as religious, political or others.

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Dharma Lecture

507: Only impermanence is permanent June 8 24
                                                        Only impermanence is permanent Asked what was the most important message of his 50 years of teaching, the Buddha, without hesitation, replied to these words. “Everything is transient, wor...
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506: The secret of life is to die before we die June 2 24
The secret of life is to die before we die Death will evaporate if you don’t be too attached to all that stuff that is not the real you.  What is not you is how your ego is defining itself, and what your mind-driven self-talk is saying.         Examples: Possessions, the work you do, soci...
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505 The impossible task of doing nothing May 26th 24
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504 The Second Noble Truth Part 1 by Miranda 19//5/24
The Second Noble Truth Part 1 In the First Noble Truth, the Buddha explained about Dukkha. Whether we call it suffering, disatisfactoriness, or uneasiness, the fact is that Dukkha is pervasive, life comes with painful challenges and difficulties for everyone. What causes Dukkha?  In the Second Nobl...
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