Oakville Zen Meditation

#115: Listening to silence makes the mind still.12JUL16

 Whenever there is silence around you learn to jump on it, to grab it and to listen to it. You will reap a miracle of Nature.
That means just to pay attention, to be aware of silence without any analytic discriminating mind.
Not easy since listening to silence is a very difficult skill to learn and your talkative mind will hate it. It is like to tape its lips! It will wake-up the wonderful stillness hidden within each of us because it is only through stillness of the mind that you can be aware of silence.
As soon you are noticing the silence around you, your are forcing your mind to shut-up temporally and become still.

Stillness of the mind is, in fact, a mind without motion or a "thoughtless mind" even for one or two minutes.
Imagine this new state of mind:
No me, my, myself, mine, no ego control.
No past, no future, no worries, no fear, no resentment, no desire, no hatred, no anger, no illusion, no whatever thoughts and feelings polluting this stillness 24/7.
Your non-stop inner voice is on mute mode and you, a thinking zombie, is liberated from your mind-made jail.
Your mind becomes like the surface of the lake when there is no wind: still and quiet, reflecting peacefully the current and silent moment.