Oakville Zen Meditation

#118: When materialistic thinking cannot explained everything.25 JUL16

Here are 3 questions for the sceptic minds:

1- What are the odds that life (our DNA molecule) was created only by chance or from a natural process alone?
Here is an answer that, as usual, many may argue with, especially the materialistic ones.
1- On our planet earth (we don't know if life started elsewhere before), the creation of the DNA molecule started around  3.8 billions years ago or around 10 billions years after the Big Bang (assuming the Big Bang is the origin of the universe)
2- Each strand of DNA is / was unique to each living beings since the first single cell. Without DNA, life is impossible. It is composed of 3 billions base pairs controlling genetic codes. A  total of 204 billions atoms from one strand of DNA in a specific sequence is unique to each of zillions of living beings alive or dead.
3- Using powerful computers it is estimated that the odds to synthesize such complex molecule over 10 billions years and only from chance or natural process is 1 part in 10 to the 40,000 power that is 1 over 10 followed by 40,000 zeros! This makes the so-called random, non interventionist process of life creation almost impossible.
2- Within its 100 billions neurons and around 1,000Km of wiring carrying electricity, the 3  lbs human brain is made of trillion of molecules each of them made of 75% water/fat. How is it possible that these molecules can express love, hatred, desire, fear, hope or any other feelings? Or, put in different way how can a material state express an immaterial one?
3- Like a computer disk, DNA is coded, stores and processes information. But both of them don't have any intelligence since both are made of material hardware: one from metallic components, the other from biological one.It is easy to understand why computers don't have (yet)  intelligence, but why do we have one?