Oakville Zen Meditation
#66.Grasping a red coal.30AUG15

Grasping a red coal      The Buddha ( nickname = the awakened one ) said ~ 2500 years ago: “Holding anger is like grasping a red coal with the intent of throwing it back at the source of your anger. You are the only one to get burn”.  “ Holding onto anger is like drinking […]

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#65.Zen Buddhism Precepts: what are they? 25JUL15

The precepts:  The core ethical code of Zen Buddhism is known as the five precepts onto which 5 others are added. All of them are the distillation of Zen Buddhism existential principles dominated by “NOT HARM SELF, NOT HARM OTHERS” To live is to act ethically, and our actions can have either harmful or beneficial […]

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