Oakville Zen Meditation
#109: Dealing with our own mortality.16MAY16

Zen is telling us “When you are living realize also that you are also dying”! The vast majority of people who listen to this statement would react almost violently: “This is terrible, too pessimistic, too morbid.” On the contrary Zen is simply teaching us to live our lives plentifully and to be aware of our […]

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#108. Learning from water.9MAY16

The student asked “Learning from water? You must be kidding! What do you mean?” To pay attention to water is a wonderful and peaceful exercise, almost a spiritual one. Being mindful to water puts everything in perspective including how lucky we are to be made of it. Water is inside us, composing 70% of our […]

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#107. Is there a “Feeling good Zen?"2MAY16

This is a frequent question and the answer is simple: Zen practice is not a warm, cozy and fuzzy practice generating a “feeling good” state. The practice requires rigorous commitment, patience and discipline. It is designed, first, to help practitioners realize their genuine Self or True Self different from our social mind- controlled self. This […]

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