Oakville Zen Meditation
#137 Positive thinking: health benefits Part 2 Nov. 21th 2016

                                       The Health Benefits of Positive Thinking : Part 2 In recent years, the so-called "power of positive thinking" has gained a great deal of attention thanks to self-help books. While these books often look at positive thinking as a holly grail, medical research has found that there are many real health benefits linked to […]

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#136 About consciousness. Nov. 14th 16

The following is an edited text sent by Sunil, a member of our Sat. meditation group. At our meetings we keep coming back to consciousness. I feel its important to clear some confusions. Here is a short explanation that may help. Consciousness is an common attribute, property and quality received by all living things rather than […]

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#135 Positive thinking: an introduction Part 1 (out of 4) Nov. 7th 16

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? In the Buddhist Scriptures: The first Noble Truth: life is suffering. In the second one the causes of suffering are desire, hate and ignorance of realities. The third talks about end of suffering and the forth about how to achieve serenity. Your answer about […]

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