Oakville Zen Meditation
#140 Outside reality: our 24h dream world. A Zen perspective

Outside reality: our 24h dream world                                                             A Zen perspective We say that we are dreaming during the night and thinking during the day. Indeed, few times during the day we are truly thinking but it is only when we have to focus on something for a specific task, purpose or decision. But how often […]

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#139 Our discomfort zones Dec. 18th 2016

                   Our discomfort zone Outside things that trigger discomfort can be anything: people, events, situations, food. Obviously hought and emotions may also trigger discomfort. Discomfort is a physical and emotional reaction to something, something that we dislike or don’t feel comfortable with. Learning to be comfortable in our discomfort zones is a wonderful […]

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#138 How to become a positive thinker? part 3 Dec. 4th 16

During a busy day, it becomes all too easy to focus on the negative. You might feel tired, overworked, and stressed out by all of the conflicting expectations and demands on your time. As a result, negative thoughts can creep into your mind. While we know that thinking positively is better for your state of […]

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