Oakville Zen Meditation
#205: Meditation: its 2 most common obstacles

                                                Meditation: its 2 most common obstacles    As long you have been meditating, for 80 years or 2 weeks, all of us are encountering the extremes of drowsiness and agitation during the practice. Drowsy or agitated mind are the 2 most frequent obstacles in meditation. From time to time, it is impossible to escape […]

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#204 Meditation: an update from neurosciences studies

                                         Meditation: an update from Neuroscience studies   Mindfulness is paying attention moment- to- moment to ourselves and our environment w/o analytic and decisional purpose. During the past 25 years or so neurosciences have been very productive in trying to understand how mindfulness works. But, like for any scientific research, some studies regarding mindfulness […]

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