Oakville Zen Meditation
#230 Enlightenment: demystification June 21 18

                                                Enlightenment: demystification I am practicing Zen since 2002 and received the Spiritual Transmission from my teacher Yangil Sunim 5 years ago. It means I became “awakened” or enlightened and may teach. To be awake in a spiritual way means to mindfully experience the existing reality of the moment inside and around self. Nothing to boast […]

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#229 Serenity vs. Happiness June 10th 18

                                                             Serenity vs. happiness The following Serenity Prayer addresses our needs and the frustrations that arise when we don’t like, don’t want or cannot control how people, […]

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#228 SUFFERING: "NOW & ZEN "...or THEN June 3rd 18

                                                 SUFFERING: "NOW  & ZEN/THEN" Zen Buddhism teaching has been criticized for putting too much emphasis on suffering meaning that everything that has a negative impact either physically or mentally. The word suffering is a poor translation. The Sanskrit word “Dukkha” means not only physical and mental pain but also any negative feelings such as […]

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