Oakville Zen Meditation
#268 The A,B,C...of Mindfulness meditation Sat. 27 Ap. 19

                        The A,B,C,.......... of  mindfulness meditation Mindfulness meditation is a challenging  physical and mental skill to grasp. Here are  the key attributes, in alphabetic order, to consider. This list is not exhaustive. ATTITUDE:   Attitude is a mental trait. Having an open mind is important to understand, consider and practice meditation. Meditation is still an alien […]

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#267 LETTING GO Ap. 20 19

                       Letting go With different wording this is the forth talk over the last 5 years about letting go because it is a difficult but important skill to learn and master. The most efficient trap to get a monkey is the box with a small round hole in front and a large banana inside.  The […]

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#266 MATRIX movies & ZEN philosophy Apr. 14th 19

                                             TheMatrix movies: an allegory to Zen Buddhism philosophy It took 4 years for the brothers Wachoskis to find a studio and cast to produce this very ambitious Trilogy made of theology, religions, philosophy and cyber science. Hollywood found it too intellectual. Here are 6 allegories related to Zen philosophy      The name NEO is […]

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