Oakville Zen Meditation
#271 The GREATEST ILLUSIONIST is our MIND 26 May 19

                                   The Greatest illusionist is ...our mind Great illusionists are very skillful to mislead or falsely persuade us that what they are doing is real. Remember Uri Geller bending spoons few meters away or someone cutting a person in half while in a coffin. These shows are very entertaining but we know they are […]

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Only ongoing change is permanent. Part 1 We like comfort and stability but resist and even fear the ongoing changes. It is probably liked to our 200,000 years evolution where search for stability is a default mode. The last words of the Buddha before dying from mushroom poison were: “Everything is transient. Understand, accept and […]

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#269 Meditation: material & immaterial focus points May 4 - 19

                 Meditation on material & immaterial focus points The opposite of meditation is mental distraction since, apart from few moments of concentration during the day, we are distracted by around 90,000 thoughts on a daily basis. In other words,we are not just talking to ourselves all the time but we are also our own  faithful […]

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