Oakville Zen Meditation
#291 RELEASING BODY TENSION: the mind-body connection Oct.27th 19

                       Releasing body tension: the mind-body connection The following talk assumes that no medical condition exists. Mindfulness meditation is a great exercise to quieter and relax our restless mind. Mindfulness can also be used in reverse to relax our body. Why? Because in Zen Buddhist philosophy body and mind is one entity tightly connected. This […]

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#290 DETACHMENT: A ZEN PERSPECTIVE by Kris Oct 20th 19

DETACHMENT: A ZEN PERSPECTIVE by Kris Buddha soon after Enlightenment stated three noble truths. Among them are: Everything in this world is transient and changing; Attachment to worldly things brings only suffering. Why the suffering? Because we all get attached to things we love and when we lose them, that causes suffering. Hence over 2000 […]

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                      Learning to love yourself This is an alien advice not learned in our Western education. I am not saying to become narcissist and super self-centered. The word “love” in Zen Buddhist literature means all together tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, self-compassion and kindness of what you are or, better said, how you are perceiving yourself. We […]

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