Oakville Zen Meditation
#298 Why doing nothing is the one of the best thing to do Dec. 22 -19

                   Why Doing Nothing is one of the Best Things You Can Do In a world filled with stressors and to-do lists, it is difficult finding time to just do absolutely nothing. When was the last time you did nothing?   By nothing, I mean absolutely nothing — no meditation, no scrolling social media, no […]

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#296 Testimony of Angeline

Embracing Distractions with Oakville Zen In September, after Cathy spoke about her time with this Zen meditation group, Arnaud asked that more members consider submitting a talk about their experience with meditation.  When I first attended this group in March, I thought it was a silent group except for Arnaud’s insightful talks because we arrived […]

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#295 3M Multi mini mindfulness exercises

                                    3M  Multi mini mindfulness exercises This week talk is practical. How to practice mindfulness at any moment, any time, anywhere, on anything Remember that the beneficial impacts of mindfulness are cumulative with practice even if it is not formal sitting meditation. Focusing actively on anything is mindfulness practice in its spiritual sense as […]

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