Oakville Zen Meditation
#301 KARMA Individual & collective Jan 26th 20

                 Karma: individual and collective Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning “action”. The law of karma refers to the sequence: cause (intention) produces action, which induces positive or negative effects. Every good/bad volitional thought or action will bring a certain good/bad result in the short or long term. If my thoughts or behaviors are motivated […]

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#300 SAYS YES Jan 20th 20

Saying YES Introduction: When you notice the impulse to disagree, to object or to judge negatively, consider whether it is really necessary. In this mind practice we learn to say yes to everyone and for everything that happens within the limits of feasibility. Could we just nod, or even remain silent and pleasant? Whenever it […]

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#299: Being on autopilot mode Jan. 12th 2020

         Being on auto pilot all the time Airplanes have an autopilot mode allowing pilots to consciously not control the plane. Plane flies by itself. Wonderful for the pilots since they can do other things more exiting. We, humans, have also an autopilot mode. In fact, we are, most of the day, on autopilot mode […]

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