Oakville Zen Meditation
#303 ACCEPTANCE: KEY to SERENITY Feb.10th 20

                                 Acceptance:  accepting bad stuff.  Key to serenity. In our pro-positive culture, the pressure to suppress our negative feelings is daily. However, psychological studies have shown that acceptance of negative events and emotions is the most reliable route to regaining and maintaining peace of mind. This was already shown by Zen 2,500 years ago. Acceptance […]

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#302 INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Consequences and role of meditation Feb 2 20

                    Information overload, its effects and role of meditation Definition: Excessive data input than the brain/mind is processing during the day. Brain/mind can be compared to a quantum computer where the brain is the hardware and the mind/thoughts being the software. The hardware is made of 100 billions neurons interconnected by 100 trillions connections. The […]

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