Oakville Zen Meditation
#306 The MEANING of SERENITY by Angeline March 14th 20

                                                   The Meaning of Serenity Serenity is defined as a state of being: Calm, peaceful, untroubled, restful Gentle, easy-going, quiet  Free from disturbance or nearby state of agitation, unpleasant change, or violence.  Having: Little motion or activity A disposition that is morally, mentally and ethically elevated.  The word serenity refers to environments as much […]

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                          Is perfection achievable? Despite being a Zen Master I strongly believe that perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order and yet every religion talks about perfections. What are they? How to achieve and maintain them? What will happen if you are unable to achieve them during your life? Zen Buddhism is on the same […]

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#304 Key words & short expressions in Zen philosophy 2-2-20

Key words and short expressions of Zen philosophy In non specific order. Suffering is part of life that we like it or not. It cannot be prevented but should be accepted.      Acceptance to what we don’t want to accept is a big step towards serenity.       Suffering is caused by attachments.       Attachments are […]

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