Oakville Zen Meditation
#336 The 7 wonders of the world Oct. 26 20

  The 7wonders of the world We are in a classroom, somewhere, sometime. The history & geography teacher has decided to test the general knowledge of the students and invited the parents to join the discussion. The question is the following What are the 7 human-made wonders of the world and not the Nature- based […]

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#335 How does mindfulness helps us in a time of personal crisis Oct 18 20

How does mindfulness help us in a time of personal crisis?                        By Caryl and Harish Verma. Thanks to them. The dictionary defines crisis as a turning point. It can be for the better, such as winning the lottery, or for worse, as in, losing a loved one. Mindfulness prepares us with coping skills that enable […]

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#334 Ignoring ignorance creates suffering 3-10-20

                          Ignore ignorance will cause suffering There is a big difference between ignorance in its common sense and its meaning in Zen Buddhist sense. In the common sense of the word, ignorance is being unaware, lacking in general knowledge or understanding. This common kind of ignorance lead to division, discrimination, derision, hate and conflict when […]

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