Oakville Zen Meditation
#356 The practice of Awareness July 25th

The practice of awareness One of the first Zen practices I learned from my teachers was the practice of awareness. I am not talking about cognitive-based awareness such as “Yes I am aware of this or that meaning I know “. In this example, awareness is just an automatic recall process from our data-based knowledge. […]

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#355 The 4 foundations of mindfulness as taught by the Buddha. Jul. 18-21

The four foundations of Mindfulness as taught by the Buddha To be mindful is to pay attention / contemplate something w/o further judgmental, analytic, and decisional processes. It can be on a material object, thought, emotion, behavior. The 4 foundations of mindfulness are the fundamental teachings of the Buddha on meditation as the way to […]

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#354 Mindfulness in motion Jul 12 21

      Mindfulness in motion The first time I met my second Zen teacher was in his kitchen,14 years ago. He was peeling potatoes. Being absorbed with what he was doing, he did not notice me. I watched him for almost 1 min. and was puzzled how slow his movements were. It was like watching a […]

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