Oakville Zen Meditation
#388 Being kind with our unkind demons Feb. 20 22

                                                  Being kind with our unkind demons Negative thoughts are our unkind demons popping up all the time out of our subconscious or from nowhere. Hundred of thoughts belong in this category:  anxiety, guilt, poor self-image, hatred, regrets, etc....  They disturbed us to the point that we repeatedly tried to get rid of them through […]

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#387 BENEFITS of MINDFULNESS: brain-mind, body & societal Feb 13 22

                                               Benefits of mindfulness-based meditation 2 In this talk, I will not describe again what mindfulness meditation is all about but look at its beneficial effects. Also, no one should look at mindfulness meditation as the Holy Grail which will fix all our problems. Over the last 25 years or so, science has been able […]

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#386 Impermanence: being mindful to Feb. 08 22

                                                        Impermanence: to be mindful to Asked what was the most important message of his 50 years teaching, the Buddha, without hesitation, replied these words. “Everything is transient, work diligently to appreciate and experience your impermanence.” It was his last words a few minutes before dying from mushroom poisoning. As Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki head […]

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