Oakville Zen Meditation
#395 At ease "without knowing" April 24th 22

I” Not knowing “ is understood as a mind empty of appropriate knowledge, at max,  being stupid. Knowing about x, y, and z is, a vital tool when decisions must be made all the time. Also, knowledge is assimilated with self-identification (I think therefore I am said Descartes), intelligence, respect, control, and power. However, when […]

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#394 Stop trying to define yourself Apr 10 22

                      Stop trying to define yourself The most common tools used for self-identification have to do with race, gender, personal and family history, physical appearance, education, knowledge, work we do, special abilities, social status, recognition, belief systems, and other collective identifications such as religious and political. So, we are spending a lot of time trying […]

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#393 Zen lexicon of the most common terms April 09 22

                                                                       Short Zen Lexicon ACCEPTANCE:       An attitude towards serenity. The opposite is  Resistance causing suffering. ATTACHMENT:       #1 cause of suffering. Attachment to things, thoughts, ideas, etc..... AWAKENING:      Achieved when we realize and experience the factual realities of Life as opposed to the mind-made     fictional ones. AWARENESS:        Experiencing factual reality […]

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