Oakville Zen Meditation

#202 Change: Resisting or Accepting

                                                       Change: Resisting vs. Accepting 

 How are we dealing with changes? Do we resist them? Accept them? Don’t care?

Do they make you happy or sad, optimistic or worried?, angry or serene?

Remember this: everything we take for granted is constantly changing in way or the other.

The formation of the clouds in the sky at this moment is unique and will never be repeated. Every cell in our bodies is replaced all the time. You, me, our thoughts, our feeling, our environment, our planet and the universe are in a state of continual, unstoppable, inconceivable transformation.

“Everything is transient said the Buddha few hours before dying. Strive in life accordingly”

Meaning: enjoy the good moments and wait for the bad ones to go.

Life and its cycle will not nbe possible if an egg remains an egg, an acorn remains an acorn, and a cloud remains a cloud forever.

The fact that everything is changing all the time is perceived differently by each of us .

For some, change is perceived as negative/bad because they don’t like it or don’t

expect it.

For others, it is perceived positive/good because they weree expecting it or appreciate it .

For most of us the unknown that change is brigging is streesful.

As Zen and scientists say, change is neither good news nor bad news. It is what is, only our own perception will label it.

However, we often find it difficult to accept change and the uncertainty that goes along with it because of out attachments, because the future is unpredictable and we like to know and to control. The anxiety, even the fear element can be around the corner.

We grasp at what we know, what is familiar and routine, resisting anything that might take us out of our comfort zone, out of our control, out of the known. This attitude is normal but deceptive since change will always strike.

We are too often stuck in our limiting mind-set and its self-defeating beliefs , opinion and judgment because we are comfortable with them and they seem safer in our day to day life.

But these mind-set beliefs only reflect how we perceived ourselves, others, the future and life in general or how they should be.Too often we resist change even the positive ones rather than let go of what we already have in our day-today routine. Therefore, change can be perceived as a loss.


In Chinese language, the words change and opportunity are the same words.

Seeing opportunity in every change is a skill that very few have.

As repeated many times before, we have to learn to be aware of impermanence, then accept it as it is.

It will cold down potential emotional reactions.

Thanks you