Oakville Zen Meditation

#281 Daily practice of quantum Zen July 27th 19

Daily practice of “quantum Zen”

Quantum physic studies the very very tiny physical particles.

In the same way “quantum Zen” physic looks at the tiny tiny components of on-the-go Zen practice as opposed to its mega components such as formal sitting, walking meditations, koans and monthly one-on one interview between student and teacher.

Tiny components of daily Zen practice pop-up as soon as we wake up and as soon as we fall asleep.

Here is a non-inclusive list of 10 on-the- go quantum Zen practice.

1) Do one thing at a time, slowly, completely and in a mindful way. Its means:

Bring your mind where your body is and what you do, even during routine or boring stuff that our mind hates. It prefers wandering in the past and future with its cohorts of dreams and good and bad feelings

Examples of this short mindful practice are infinite: peeling potatoes, eating, walking, being under the shower, peeing, listening, talking, touching, etc...

2) Do less stuff rather than trying to do too many things.

3) Designate protected time for certain exercises such as:

Use your 5 senses, one at a time, to pay attention & experience surrounding reality of the moment. The rest is pure mind-made fiction. This is a great skill to learn to put your mind in stand-by.     

Do short breathing meditation in any positions and anywhere.

Shut off your cell phone for at least 10 sec....hopefully more, unless special circumstances.

4) Stop judging all the time about anything ...unless requested. Nobody cares anyway.

5) Once a while forgive yourself about what you did, do or think.

If you cannot do it for yourself, how can you forgive others? This part of compassion.

6) Once a while check your thoughts.

You don’t have to believe all of them.

So, just say hello to the useless / irrelevant ones and drop them in the recycling bin.

You will avoid mental pollution.

7) Stay in the present moment, good or bad, the only moment when you are alive

 This is the only one when concrete reality exists.

“Past you” is dead. “Future you” is not born.

We cannot be alive in 3 different space-times.

8) Do not be entertained by your mind as your second self-made Netflix. Enough addiction.

9) When you are victim of a strong negative emotion, just pay attention, acknowledge and accept it.This is a very difficult skill but it is the only way. Fighting it will make it worse.

10) Do not read too many smart books to achieve serenity.  

A donkey carrying smart books is still a donkey.