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#307 MEDITATION during difficult times

                 Meditation during difficult times

Even during “normal times”, practicing solo daily meditation is not easy if not, sometimes, impossible.

It requires commitment, time, discipline and a non-judgmental approach to your practice. 

Trying to sit still and being mindful to our breathing as an anchor to tame our restless mind is challenging all the time and for everyone.

Struggling during meditation is an integral part of meditation.

Only by controlling our struggling against our monkey mind jumping from one thought to the next we progress in the practice of meditation and in the quality of how we perceive our feelings and life in general.

When we are in the middle of difficult times such as presently with the covid 19, daily solo practice

Our mind is continuously worried about job, money, social interactions, confinement at home,risk of contamination, shopping, paying bills, when it will be over, etc....and the media are virus addicted.

The lack of group meditation has also a significant negative impact not only on the practice ofmindfulness meditation but also the social interaction before and after session.

So: what to do?

It is during these challenging times, when the mind is running around non-stop that meditation will help you greatly as long as you have the will to start.

The first few minutes is the most challenging time because the mind in on fire and focusing on ourbreathing will last only few seconds.

Don’t give-up. If you do, start again later in the house or outside.

We still have meditation Wed. 7pm and Sat.10:15am .

If you commit yourself to this schedule, you will appreciate how “collective consciousness” can be effective in helping you focusing better and longer.

You can contact me anytime.

See you all sometime. Everything is transient.    J