Oakville Zen Meditation

#320 Attributes of our ego Sun June 28 -20

        Attributes of our ego:

Our subconscious ego has zillion of way to express itself non-stop.

The following attributes vary in frequency, prevalence and degree for each of us.

Severe narcissism, paranoid, sociopath and even psychopathic behaviors are among the extreme forms requesting therapy.

Here is the list in non-specific order. Few of them will sound familiar.

   Having poor insight

   Judging, accusing, gossiping and complaining.

   Needing to be right, to appear important, wanted and indispensible.

   Taking things, statements, and events personally.

   Need have “enemies”.

   Applying negative labels to people & situations

   Making yourself right and the others wrong through futile mental or verbal complaints.

   Expecting recognition for something you did and getting angry or upset if you don’t get it.

   Trying to get attention in whatever situations.

   Creating and maintaining a self-image made of: guilt, resentment, anger, blame and complain.

    Feeling being the victim of this and that.

   Giving your opinion when nobody is asking for.

    Being always concerned with how people judge you.

  Trying to always make a positive impression on others through various tools such as education,

     possessions, good look, socio-professional status, achievements, etc...

  Referring to “important people”  for ego booster.

   Triggering an ego storm through anger, jealousy, and threat against someone or something.

What to do?

Not much since our “ I, me, myself and mine” are vital to survive.

The key is to prevent its detrimental impacts.

The moment you become aware of your hidden ego and what he is doing negatively it is, strictly speaking, no longer the ego, but just an old, conditioned mind-pattern and mind-set that you are observing in a mindful way.

Observing implies awareness and ego implies unawareness because hidden.  

Therefore, awareness and ego cannot coexist.

Print this list and score each trait from N/A, 0 to 5. 

The highest score, the bigger the ego is.

Thank you all. arnaud