Oakville Zen Meditation

#361 Complaining: our favorite ego's food. 28/08/21

Complaining: our ego’s favorite food

Complaining is one of our ego’s favorite strategies for strengthening itself.
We are complaining almost all the time about anything. It can be verbal, from thoughts but it is mostly subconscious as demonstrated using hypnosis.

We are complaining about everything, even if there is nothing we can do about it.
Complaining aloud or only in thoughts make no difference.
The list of complaints is endless dealing from the past, present and future and triggered
by people, events and even self.
How often do you catch yourself complaining about whomever, whatever, whenever
or even your life and life in general?

Why complaining is part of our identity?:
On rare occasions in life, complaining is totally justified i.e.
When you have a recurrent water leak the day following the repair done by the plumber.
But these occasions are in fact rare.

Every complaint is a little story our ego-mind is creating and, strangely enough, we completely believe in it. It is an integral part of our ongoing day dreaming state and most of them are meaningless, sort of small talk to others and to self.

Many egos that don’t have too much else to offer for self-identification can survive very easily
by feeding themselves in complaining alone about every things and all the time.
So, complaining is a very common way of self-identification. “I am complaining therefore I am”

Complaining is like an iceberg: when we are in the grip of such ego trick, especially about complaining about other people, it is usually subtle if not subconscious which means that you don’t realize it. This is the iceberg below water.
The tip of the iceberg is when our complaint becomes conscious thru thoughts and verbal process.
Complaining is an on-going negative feeling that should be incorporated in the same basket
that other negative feelings such as anger, regret, worry, guilt, anxiety, and so on.
To complain is always non-acceptance of what things, events and people are.
Similar to other negative feelings, complaining always produces negative energy and
makes you a victim. Remember that negative feelings means negative energy and negative
energy is sucking a lot of our mental and emotional energy which should be used for more
positive activities.

So, what to do?
If the complaint remains subconscious, there is obviously nothing we can do about it despite burning energy as I said.
Otherwise learn to catch yourself complaining about x. y, z that is practicing mindfulness awareness of your complain verbal or by thought. Then:
Fix the cause it if you can which is, as I said, very rare.
If not: accept it.......and let it go in a mindful way.
All else is pure stupidity or even madness. Thank you.