Oakville Zen Meditation

#402 Some info. on mind control by great Masters by Kris JUne 20th 22


There are two levels of activities in our actions: In our subconscious Mind or the unaware level and in the Aware level.

Our actions in the world can be a) Thinking b) Talking c) and doing something

Our Mind is like an iceberg where the bulk of the ice is below the surface and what is seen is only a very small portion.

The “submerged or the unaware portion of the subconscious mind” is where our Likes and Dislikes are deep-rooted and have been well established over a lifetime and more. Unfortunately for us, we are truly not aware of our cravings and dislikes which form our mental foundation, and as a result,  we run after whatever cravings bubble up in our minds.

Thus we operate in the world according to our inherent subconscious nature, underpinned by these cravings and dislikes of which we are not really aware. Thus self-control is difficult,  if not impossible.

We have developed these patterns of thinking over a lifetime from childhood and possibly even from our previous lives.

So to address and manage this uncontrolled mind, we have to analyze the genesis of the issue:

1. Unconscious and unaware Mind Stage: The Subconscious is the foundation from where our tendencies originate and are essentially uncontrollable;

2. Conscious Mind Stage: Once our cravings and dislikes bubble up from our subconscious, they reach a very brief conscious stage where the thought can be perceived and one can be aware of it;

3. Conscious but uncontrollable Mind Stage: At this stage because of a life of the time of mechanical living and unfocussed actions,  our emotions can quickly manifest and actions take place driven by these “thoughtless” impulsive actions.

So to manage our minds we have a narrow window in Stage 2 where through training ourselves of observing our minds and becoming aware, we can consciously choose to undertake an action or not. This is what Great Masters have achieved through years of meditation where we train ourselves to observe our mind and its changing nature. Thus, the more we practice meditation, the real “us” moves from our identification from the Body and Mind identification to our stable and unchanging Consciousness which is the real us. Thus “we move away” from the world of change or entropy to the changeless, timeless stage of eternal peace and bliss.

 The beautiful thing about this regular meditation practice is that inner peace and tranquility can be achieved in this lifetime and we do not have to wait for another world for it!

Once, Dalai Lama was asked the question, “Do you ever get desires, and do you get tempted when you see a beautiful woman? “  Dalai Lama in his usual style laughed and replied, “ yes the thought occurs to me and then it quickly dissipates and I continue my normal  life.”