Oakville Zen Meditation

#419 The Oil lamp: a metaphor about us Nov 13th 22

     Let me try to explain this metaphor:

     From the bottom up:

            The cup of the lamp is our material body.

            The oil is our restless mind.

            The wick is our ego.

            The flame is the end result of the ego.

     How does it work?

            Our non-stop thinking mind …that is the oil in the cup ……is fuelling the wick.

            Our ego ….that is the wick….is the endless source of “ I want,” and “I don’t want” and our illusions

                 is generating the flame.

            The flame or the end result created by our ego is composed of our ongoing dissatisfaction,

                  unhappiness, anger, fear, regrets, etc…. all of these are called “suffering.” or negativities.

      When the flame is gone, you are reaching Nirvana Nirvana, and your True Nature is revealed.