Oakville Zen Meditation

#460 The 6 Paramitas or Perfections July 6th 23

  THE POWER OF THE 6 PARAMITAS or  transcendent perfections

The six paramitas, or “perfections,” hold great significance because they are the fundamental guiding principles for Zen practitioners. By cultivating the paramitas — generosity, discipline, patience, energy, meditation, and wisdom — we can experience profound benefits in our personal growth, spiritual journey, and relationship with others.

They are the path to your own awakening for the benefit of all living beings. 

During the precepts, each Zen student takes the vow to practice in her/his best availability the 6 Paramitas, This vow must be renewed every tear.

Generosity ( Ana)  

You give without expecting anything in return. This is the essence of non-attachment. 

Generosity teaches us to let go of attachments while cultivating selflessness, loving kindness, and compassion to uplift others.   

Disciple ( Sila

Being applied to enhance integrity, honesty, and respect, forming a strong foundation for spiritual growth through daily practice of the 6 Paramitas, and daily activities. 

Patience (Kshanti )

Cultivates inner strength, resilience, and understanding of oneself and others amid life’s challenges. 

Energy / Diligence / Determination( Virya )

To develop discipline and perseverance through sustained practice. It will overcome laziness, and giving up when solutions are possible. When there is no solution, acceptance is the rule.

Meditation /Concentration ( Dhyana ) 

Brings ongoing mindfulness practice, and proper mental and emotional qualities such as clarity

Wisdom ( Prajna, )

Represents the Right view and Righ attitude of the 4th Noble Truth. Its practice brings proper insight that liberates us from mind-made ego-centered delusion, illusion & ignorance, allowing us to realize what factual realities of life are such as the following 3 examples: 

     Impermanence & interconnectedness of all things. We don’t exist as an isolated, 

           independent, unique, separate, self-sustained entity.

     Genuine/original self as opposed to the mind-made ego-centered one.

    The importance of “NOW” as the only existing reality of time. 

 It is impossible to practice all 6 perfections at once. Learn them one by one starting with the most comfortable one. This is the best step-by-step path to the discovery of Awakening, always present in each of us.