Oakville Zen Meditation

#465 Zen facts: to the point About the mind#1 Sept/10/23

About Mind: Zen point of view

Our mind is just an instrument, a tool to be used wisely for specific tasks such as analysis and decision. When the task is completed, don't let your mind control you 24/7. I would say that around 90% of our huge amount of thinking is repetitive, wishful thinking, memory flares, and, if not, just useless self-talk. Also, because mind content is too often fictional in many spacetimes, or dysfunctional, or negative in nature, much of our thinking and feeling can be dangerous not only against self but also against others making relationships challenging, and a serious waste of positive energy. Learn to observe that is to control your mind-made ongoing inner voice when it is not necessary, and let it go as we do while meditating