Oakville Zen Meditation

#472 Creating gaps in the stream of your thinking by Miranda Nov. 12 23

Creating gaps in the stream of your thinking

Discover inner peace by creating gaps in the stream of your thinking.

Without those freedom gaps, our thoughts are repetitive, uninspired, and devoid of creative spark, and decisions. 

They are just daydreaming stuff made of desire, hatred, illusions, delusions, positive & negative feelings, or just navigating in the fictionalMore past or future.

You don’t need to be concerned by the duration of those gaps. A few seconds is good enough.

Gradually, they will lengthen by themselves, without any effort on your part.

More important than their length is to bring them as often as possible during the day

so that your daily activities and your stream of compulsive thinking become interspersed with space.

The more you practice the so-called gaping, the less compulsive thinking because the practice is always cumulative through neuroplasticity, 

What are those gaps?

Just be in the present moment by being mindful ( no analysis, no decision ) of your body, what you are doing, your thoughts, feelings, and the content of your environment.

There is another word for gaping: being conscious thoughtlessly. 

Sounds weird?

Being conscious thoughtlessly is simply paying attention to something in a mindful way 

that is, again, without any analytic/judgmental/decisional mental activity for a short period of time before the mind takes over as always it does.

This is the essence of what meditation is all about…….Isn’t it?   Thanks