Oakville Zen Meditation

499 The miracle of the present moment: How and why April 13th 24

Where is your mind?

Most often our mind wanders in fictional thoughts, feelings, past, or future because dreaming is more attractive if not exciting than just doing ordinary, dull stuff such as drinking a cup of tea, being in the shower, or commuting your car.   

Bringing mind and body together in the present moment:

Being in the present moment brings our mind where our body is and what it is doing is difficult because, again, your mind hates being in the automatic, dull, and ordinary stuff of the current moment unless specific situations such as working are required. 

Try this:

Instead of being trapped by your dreaming mind, pay attention, mindfully, to the present moment regardless of how routine, ordinary, or dull it can be. 

For a short period, focus on your body, and what it is doing. You may also observe and connect with your surroundings using your 5 senses.

You will discover that your ability to appreciate, even enjoy what you do, will dramatically increase the quality, maybe the meaning of your life even if, again,  this present moment is the most boring, insignificant, tedious, mundane stuff you can imagine. 

How is that?.... It seems counterintuitive, doesn't it? 

Remember that only the present moment exists, and only in the now that you and your life exist.

Your past you and past life are dead, the future you and future life are not born.

You and your life are alive only now, and only in the now that the quality of your life can be improved

and appreciated.

On the contrary, remember again that past life generates regrets, guilt, sadness, hatred, and anger, and future life triggers anxiety, hope, illusions, desire, worries, and hope. 

All of these feelings are fictional because past and future lives are fictional.

There are no serene lives in their fictional spacetimes. 

Also, staying present in every moment of the day will help you to stay deeply rooted within yourself;

otherwise, your mind, which has incredible momentum, will drag you like a dead leaf being 

carried by a wild river.

Final words:

Being mindful of the now that is bringing your mind where your body is and what you are doing in the moment can be very challenging especially when we are in automatic behavior doing mundane, tedious, routine, dull, boring stuff, ……but, with practice, ……you will discover how beneficial it is

as far as the quality of your life, your mental serenity, and equanimity.

What was perceived as boring, dull, and non-exciting will evaporate by miracle.  Thanks