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#502 MEDITATION: Dysinformation & fake news Part II May 5th 24

  Meditation: misinformation & fake news  Part II

Meditation is fun.

Meditation is neither fun nor boring. Meditation is what it is. Judging the quality of your meditation must be avoided since struggling is the norm and a source of quitting.

Sitting is the only way to meditate.
Any still body posture including the position of the hands together, closing or semi-open eyes is OK as long as the concentration on the focusing point and incoming thoughts are maintained. Having a straight back/neck and breathing by the nose are nevertheless recommended.
Besides sitting (floor/chair) walking meditation is a very good practice.

Controlling the mind is not as difficult as you think.
Meditation creates in the mind a violent refusal reaction like having a wild monkey in a small cage since our mind hates to be told what to do, focuses on breathing, and prefers to make us think zombies. Taming the mind is therefore not easy at all and requires a lot of practice, patience, and discipline for anyone. Thoughts will always pop up while meditating

Meditation is only for gurus, monks, and people with special skills.
Anyone may benefit from it. Understanding it, discipline, being non-judgmental, and patience are keys.

Meditation is esoteric, airy-fairy.
To meditate is to be down-to-earth, in the present moment, focusing on something. Nothing weird.

The use of audiovisual supports will enhance the quality of meditation.
As said last week, The simplest form of meditation is the most effective one but also the most demanding one.

Meditation will eliminate your stress.
Meditation helps us to become less emotional and non-judgmental regarding our stressors but does not eliminate them. Stressors will be always with us with or w/o meditation...

Practicing meditation is physically easy and not demanding.
Meditation can be physically demanding even on a chair. Occasional back/neck pain, and leg numbness can and will occur.

Meditation requires a steady still posture during the whole session.
There is nothing wrong with modifying the posture once in a while as requested.

The practice of meditation is for everyone.
Candidates suffering from acute stress, very poor self-image, and severe emotional issues from past or present must be assessed initially by a healthcare provider before starting meditation since prolonged sitting may trigger or enhance severe negative emotional reactions.

Meditation is a selfish practice.
Not true! By discovering and appreciating yourself better you will be able to help others more efficiently. Being compassionate with ourselves first is a great way to be compassionate with others.

Meditation is a spiritual exercise.
Meditation can be spiritual and or can be used just as therapy such as stress management.