Oakville Zen Meditation

#84. Is there a good or bad meditation? 30NOV15.



#1: Focusing mindfully* on your anchor (breathing)** and body*** is mind control.




#2: Focusing mindfully on your incoming thoughts is mind control.



#3: Focusing back on your anchor is mind control.





There is no good or bad meditation since the numbers of thoughts that are popping (#2) out are totally irrelevant.

Learning to focus on x, y, z is taming the mind. Taming the mind is controlling it. Having one though per minute or 100 is absolutely OK as long as you learn to be aware of them in order to control them without them controlling you.

*Mindfully: to focus without any conceptual, analytic and judgmental thinking. Just observing/contemplating as it is.

** Focusing point = mind anchor. Breathing out is great but anything can be used as long as you stick with it as long as possible.

*** Maintaining a proper posture is the physical part of your anchor.

Oakville Zen Meditation.