Oakville Zen Meditation

#86. We are so lucky! 9DEC15

Do you realize that the odds to be born ​are​ only 1/ ~100 million (WHO statistics​)


99,999,999 died fighting against you!...so sad for them, isn't it.

Lessons from Mother Nature:

  1. We are very, very lucky to make it
  2. Enjoy every moment as you did during your very first second  (picture )
  3. You started as a winner, no reason to give up even during the worse circumstances that all of us face and for which there is nothing to do.
  4. Feel sorry for those who, currently, have hard time.
  5. We should try not to feel bad or down for the rest of our short life even if, too  often, our life seems unfair (see #3)
PS: By the way, the odds to die is 1/1. Enjoy every moment.