Oakville Zen Meditation

#88. Chasing our tail none stop.17DEC15

Zap, our cute little Shih-Tzu dog loves to chase its tail.

One day I was watching him running around and started to laugh at him.
He stopped, looked at me, and said quite upset:

"I don't understand you daddy: being a Zen Master you should know that a dog chasing its tail is no​ more foolish and deluded than a human who:

  • Is seeking happiness from money, goods, power, frame and pleasure.
  •  Is looking non-stop for the perfect spouse, companion, friend, kids, job, heath, beauty, longevity, sex, car, house, food, mood, gift, trip etc..
So, you guys, are also chasing your tail non stop, all your life. Pretty sad to watch.
Daddy, life is what it is even if some of its parts  is not what we expect from it."
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