Oakville Zen Meditation

#28.The 7 pillars of a Zen Mind


The 6 Realities of life that our ego centered mind is distorting all the time:

  1. Nothing lasts including self. Good & bad stuff are transient. This is part of Life & Evolution. Without the endless circle of birth & death Life & Evolution would not exist. Believing otherwise is an illusion.
  2. Nothing can be controlled including self (body/mind). Believing otherwise is an illusion.
  3. Only now (present) Past and future are very useful inventions but remain illusions.
  4. No living being has a permanent, independent, unique and separate self-entity. This is what Zen Buddhist calls “emptiness” or empty of self entity. We are all interconnected & interrelated, dependent of Nature & the Universe to survive. Global consciousness is made of all individual ones and each individual one is a component of the collective one. Believing otherwise is an illusion.
  5. Life, people, events, things and environment are what they are and not what our ego mind wants them to be. Believing otherwise is an illusion.
  6. Our ego centered mind is the main source of our illusions, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, suffering causing attachments, desire, fear, anger, resentment and negative emotions, etc. Meditation (pillar # 1 below) will help us to control this beast. Believing otherwise is an illusion.

 The 7 pillars to achieve a Zen Mind free from illusion like a “mirror mind”:

  1. To practice diligently daily solo & weekly group meditation to control our ego-centered and deceptive mind causing our illusions & to achieve a clear and still mind (see also # 6 &7pillars)
  2. To realize that nothing lasts including self.
  3. To accept that we do not control almost anything.
  4. To live now, ethically & with compassion into the present moment and not in the past or future.
  5. To be mindful moment-to-moment to what is real – like a mirror - & reflecting things as they are and not as we want them to be. We should not believe in everything we think.
  6. To empty our deceptive ego centered mind causing our illusions and full of desires, attachments, opinion, concept, idea, judgment to achieve a clear mind also known as “empty mind” or “don’t know mind” or “beginner mind”.
  7. To fill up this new receptive mind with the 6 main realities listed above.


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim. March 12th 2015.