Oakville Zen Meditation

#37.The wave & the sea are One

Thanks to our deceptive mind we have this illusion that each of us is has a unique, independent, separate self-entity. As far our DNA we are unique but in fact we are all interdependent and interrelated since we are the transient byproducts of the first living molecule around 3.5 billions years ago. All living beings are 100% dependent of the Earth environment and the Universe to survive.

"The wave lives the life of a wave & at the same time the life of the sea” said Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh 

Zen teaches us that our seemingly separate self is like an individual wave that rises and falls on the great sea of Oneness or single Being. Like the wave the deep current of life propels us forward. If we only experience the surface of things we will believe that we are just the wave. Then we will feel that we are been pushed around by life and will fear crashing down on the rocky shoreline. However if we learn to experience the depths of things around us we will discover that we are also the Whole Ocean. All anxiety, illusion and fear will evaporate. We are like waves coming and going endlessly and like waves we are also part of the ocean and will remain.

Are you feeling tossed around like waves of the sea? If so try to go deeper. Be part of life not apart from it. Fighting the current of life is a waste of energy and pushing the current will not hurry things along. Ride the waves of life with equanimity, knowing that you are in reality more than a wave but in reality the whole ocean.

Remember this: 1) nothing lasts, 2) we do not control life, 3)things are what they are not what we want them to be, 4)you are not a unique, independent separate self-entity. There is nothing in the Universe, which is not you.


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.