Oakville Zen Meditation

#14.The "Zen mind equation". Revised 22jan15.

In this "Zen Mind Equation", the main positive attributes are in the numerator and their opposites in the denominator.

                           Reality       Mindfulness      Now       Meditation     Others     Letting go

ZEN MIND = ----------- + ---------------- + ---------- + -----------  + ------------ + ------------

                         Illusion        Distraction        Past          Thinking          Ego           Opinion          

                         Delusion                                   Future         zombie                                Judgment

        1. Reality (opposite of illusion, delusion)

Things are what they are and not what we want them to be. (the mirror mind)

  1. Mindfulness (opposite of distraction)

To pay attention to something, moment to moment, in a non-judgmental way.

  1. Now (opposite of past and future)

Our body is in the “now”. Trying to keep our mind synchronized to our body is one key to relaxation and serenity. Past & future are virtual. Don’t get trapped in their nets unless absolute necessity such as planning.

  1. Meditation (opposite of thinking zombie)

Physical & mental individual exercises aiming at taming the mind in order to control our ego-centered thoughts, which are the main sources of our unhappiness. Taming our mind is the only way to achieve long lasting serenity, happiness and relaxation and not the reverse. Group meditation is twice as effective as solo one. By definition meditation does not use audiovisual tools nor any external guidance.

  1. Others (opposite of ego)

The paramount duty of a Zen mind is to help others. It can only be achieved effectively by first knowing self that is controlling our ego-centered mind source of our unhappiness and dissatisfaction caused by our ongoing desire, anger, fear, jealousy, illusion, delusion, anxiety, resentment, stress, etc. Once this first stage is achieved helping others become natural.

  1. Letting go (opposite of opinion and judgment)

Back to Reality. Learning to let go our opinions, concepts, ideas and judgments unless they are necessary such as:

  • Making a decision.
  • Helping , assessing others such as teaching .


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.