Oakville Zen Meditation

#40.Traditional vs. Zen mind


Statement Traditional Mind Zen Mind
Life can be better Yes Life is what it is
Life is unfair Often Life is what it is
I am unique Yes What is this?
Happiness is found Mostly outside ourselves Mostly inside ourselves
Success is happiness Happiness is success
I control Almost everything in my life Almost nothing
Most things are permanent Yes Everything is transient
Time is Past – Present - Future Only the present exists
I am Unique, Separate, Independent with my self-entity We are all interconnected.Our uniqueness is only molecular
My ego is A source of power and success The main cause of my suffering
The Source of suffering is Outside self Mostly Inside self
Most of the time my mind is In the future or the past Mostly in the present
My mind is full of Ideas, concepts, illusions, etc. My mind is open & receptive
My mind is Always analyzing Is a mirror reflecting things as they are
My mind is Distorting reality Reflecting reality
My mind is A wonderful instrument Useful but also a deceptive beast
My mind makes me Smart A slave
The more I know The better I feel The more confused and anxious I become
Thinking a lot is Necessary Dangerous
I think therefore I am (Descartes) I am not what I think I am
I think therefore I know Know what?
My Thoughts I am a thinking zombie I observe them
Knowledge The more the better The more of it the more confused I am
Knowledge The more the smarter I am The more of it the bigger my ego
My thoughts I believe in them They are not necessary the truth
Serenity is How much I have How little I need
Meditation is A relaxation technique A mind control exercise
Meditation is Boring Neither boring nor exiting, just as it is
Meditation is Difficult Neither difficult nor easy
Nirvana is Only for Guru Everyone has it
Nirvana is Outside self Inside self
Enlightenment A divine state to get from outside Inside self
My way of thinking is Always dualistic & discriminative Non dualistic, things are what they are
Judging is Important Only to make decisions
My negative emotions Control me I contemplate them
Zen is Esoteric Down to earth


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.