Oakville Zen Meditation

#44.What is a quiet & still mind?

A quiet and still mind is not a specific supernatural and magical state of mind to achieve.
Simply because a still & quiet mind, by definition, cannot be achieved.
Can you achieve a still heart, still kidneys, still liver?
If so you are already in a bag or nearby one.
Quiet & still mind simply refers to an going capacity to control thoughts and emotions. Such control can beachieved ONLY by being aware (mindful) of them when they pop in and meditation is the ONLY tool to achieve this skill.
During the day we are thinking zombie, day sleepwalking.
During meditation we are the opposite.

"Quiet & still mind "are just words and words are always trapping us the same way than thoughts and emotions do. Don't forget that our thoughts are just self-talking using silent words. Words will trap us also while reading too much.


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.

NB: 176 words in this talk. = 176 poisons. 🙂