Oakville Zen Meditation

#104. Meaning of the word meditation.10APR16

The word meditation comes from the Latin meditare, which is the passive form of the verb. It means "being moved to the centre"

Please note: it is not the active form that means "moving to the centre"

So, who / what is moving us? Meditation does. When we meditate we are being moved to the centre of self that is our own essence.

Sitting after sitting, learning to focus and paying attention to our body, breathing and thoughts, learning to let go, we become more aware of our own personal centre, more rooted to our genuine self. *

The simple fact of sitting still has far more reaching effects than we think.

When we sit still and pay attention, body and mind become one * in the present moment, aware of each other whereas, during the day, they are two strangers where one dominates the other. Then, with proper practice, at a given moment our state of mind becomes quieter, clearer and in control.

At this point, a great healing power can be achieved.

However, there is no quick fix. On going practice, discipline, patience, trust, perseverance, a non judgmental attitude towards our practice are keys.

* Genuine self and Body & Mind are one, are synonymous.