Oakville Zen Meditation

#146 Few words about meditation Feb.6th 17



"Meditation doesn't remove pain, unhappiness, dissatisfaction or alleviate the negative energy flowing through your body  and the world. Contrary to what we read, Meditation does not bring happiness.

However, with discipline and steady practice, Meditation will relieve stress, anxiety and suffering, not by changing our outer environment that we cannot control but by turning our awareness inward to discover our genuine inner peace and make peace with ourselves and others.

The aim is not to become a super hero, a saint, nor to transcend our flaws, feelings of pain and distress. Instead, it is :

To control our restless ego-driven monkey mind main source of our "suffering"

To open our hearts and minds to others,

To accept our emotions as they come in any given moment even if these feelings are very hard to deal with " . This is part of serenity

Ji Gong Sunim     Zen Master  Oakville ON