Oakville Zen Meditation
#281 Daily practice of quantum Zen July 27th 19

Daily practice of “quantum Zen” Quantum physic studies the very very tiny physical particles. In the same way “quantum Zen” physic looks at the tiny tiny components of on-the-go Zen practice as opposed to its mega components such as formal sitting, walking meditations, koans and monthly one-on one interview between student and teacher. Tiny components […]

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#279 How to use our 5 senses to practice on-the-go-mindfulness exercises. July 14th

             How to use our 5 senses to practice on-the-go mindfulness exercises The practice of mindfulness meditation, regardless its quality, is cumulative as far its beneficial effects tat is how we perceive life and its content, how to experience the reality of the moment and how we are able to control our mind. Hoe often […]

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#278 : Stop being miserable in advance July 6th 19

                  Stop being miserable in advance Another way to say it would be:  “We should not try to be our own news maker with a mind-made 24h news channel, full of negativity”. It is well known among guru in media marketing that news content from the major broadcasting networks must be at least 75% to […]

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