Oakville Zen Meditation

#249 What mindful people do & think differently Part 2 Nov 11 18

What mindful & serene people think and do differently    Part 2

 Mindful people try to live in the moment because this is the only time where we are alive. Past and future are mind-made noise.

Are active listeners w/o trying to judge, ignore or control.

Realize that happiness comes only from the outside world and, therefore quest for happiness is endless never totally satisfied and often out of their control.

Control their yo-yo mind made of permanent emotional ups and downs.

Appreciate the fact that their desires, hatred and delusions are the 3 main sources of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, anger, worries, etc.... that is suffering in general.

Realize that these 3 main sources of suffering are all mind generated that is self-created.

Differentiate between permanent & inner serenity vs. superficial   & transient external happiness.

Realize that they are not an indispensable, independent, separate with an unique entity (apart from their DNA) but rather interconnected with everything around and dependent of their environment to live .

Embrace, in a mindful way, Nature and surrounding space.

Practice formal mindfulness meditation on a regular basis

Take short and regular on-the-go short mindfulness exercises when working, studying or doing routine stuff.

Appreciate silence.

They are curious about everything and practice an open mind that is rejecting being trapped in a mindset prison made of concepts, opinions and judgment whatever religious or not.

They focus and do only one thing at a time, avoiding multi-tasking at the same time.

Thanks you.