Oakville Zen Meditation

487 Complaining Jan. 21st 23

See if you can catch yourself complaining. 

Even, right down every time you complain about x,y,z … sort of a complaint diary!        You will be amazed!

We complain a lot consciously and mostly subconsciously in different forms:

verbally, thoughtfully, and even physically when complaining becomes aggressive.

The complaint can last a few min., a few days, even months. 

We complain because we don’t get what we want, get what we don’t want, or because made a mistake in analyzing, talking, or behaving.

Why so often?

Complaining is one of the default modes used by our ego because our ego loves to judge, fight, rest, to be right. Complaining feeds and strengthens our ego.

I am not considering the mundane complaints that we use during small talks such as complaining about the weather, the traffic, the Prime Minister, the state of the world, etc.

I am looking at the more serious ones such as complaining about yourself, about others, about your job, your life situation, and even about life itself. Why me?

How to deal with the causal factor?

There are 2 possible scenarios to consider:

    If you have some control, and the issue is solvable, then go for it.

    You have no control whatsoever. This is the most frequent one.

Accept it as it is. 

To complain is always a non-acceptance of what is. If you don’t accept, you make yourself a victim because the ego also loves to be a victim. 

Therefore you are creating a double negativity:

      The dislike/refusal of the situation.

      The feeling of being a victim, even the feeling of being miserable……..That’s crazy 

So, accept the fact, let it go, swallow your ego, and move on. 

All else is madness and self-destructive because complaining means too much of your genuine energy is sucking up to fight, to resist,  to be upset, sad, angry, even in despair, etc.

Like any Zen teaching: is accepting and letting go is an easy skill to master. Not at all but:

When you accept the non-acceptable, you will make a giant step toward a quieter and clearer mind, more serenity, and, in the end, eventually Awakening.  Thanks