Oakville Zen Meditation

508 When there is no answer June 17th 24

    When there is no answer

Quite often we question: 

“ why?…why?….how comes!……I don’t understand this, that, her, him !……etc……

……..because we have been educated to find answers, and get an opinion at all costs, all the time about almost everything, about everybody. 

Having an opinion on almost anything is an important skill while chatting socially besides being 

a useless ego trip. 

It is okay to seek answers when we are requested to do so such as during work, but these situations are not common. 

The Dalai Lama once said:

“ Looking for answers all the time about everything is like trying to scoop water with a fork.

It can be very frustrating, and it will prevent us from achieving, and keeping a quiet mind”

There are an endless number of situations where seeking explanation, understanding,

and eventually the answer is either impossible, useless, futile, or even detrimental.

And yet, our Western culture is telling us that 

The more we know, the better we are, and the better we look”. Not knowing is perceived negatively.

Zen has a more sophisticated view.

When we fully accept that we don’t know, we give up trying to find an answer from our limited thinking mind.   At this point, a “distinct intelligence” appears to you as E. Tolle said. 

What does it mean?

It means to be comfortable with not knowing, which goes totally against our ego.

Having a “ don’t know mind” has nothing to do with being ignorant or stupid.

According to Zen teaching, a “ don’t know mind” includes: 

Not having a mindset about everything, and everybody, minimizing cliches, labeling, naming, opinion, judgment, etc.

In other words, it means:

    Having a so-called “beginner mind '' is very well described by Zen Master Suzuki.

    A beginner mind behaves like a sponge, accepting almost everything, everybody as 

    they are, and not as we want them to be, ……sort of “baby mind”, or an open mind.

The results:

You will create a new mind, aptitude, and attitude which will enhance mental, and emotional serenity and equanimity. By doing so, you will empty your ego-driven mind garbage, and trash it in the bin.

Of course, your ego will be hurt, but in exchange, you will discover greater peace of mind,

you will be closer to equanimity, and …….eventually, Awakening.

This is Zen teaching: 

Awakening is achieved only through experience, and not from knowledge.