Oakville Zen Meditation

509 Bursting our mental bubble June 23rd 24

Bursting our mental bubble 

The stronger we are attached to our verbal, mental, and emotional habits to people, things, and situations, the more refractory, shallow, and lifeless we become to factual, genuine surrounding realities. 

It is like living in a mind-made bubble full of a mental/emotional virtual world created by “the thinker me” rather than the genuine you. This is the source of potential suffering.

What to do then?:

By being mindful of our bubble, and questioning the validity of its content.

It means observing the “ thinker me”  the same way we look at ourselves in a mirror.

It is not easy since we are extremely attached to our knowledge, feelings, opinions, and judgments.

Once we are mindful of your bubble, burst it  “pop”, then review, and analyze each of its mental/emotional content one by one. You don’t have to assess every element at once.


   About X: question the whom, why, what, where, and how, that the “tinker-me” has created.

   Am I right?, or wrong, is it rational, or I don’t know enough?

By doing so, we will realize how often our judgments are based on feeling rather than being pragmatic, and realistic.

Bursting our mental bubble is one of our tools to use on the path of serenity and equanimity.

Without it, we are stuck.

Thank you