Oakville Zen Meditation

#510 Our addiction to conceptualize, and interpret life June 29 24

Our addiction to conceptualizing, and interpreting life, and its content.

Do we always need to conceptualize, analyze, interpret, judge, and label everybody, and everything

that comes into our endless thinking?

Yes, when a decision has to be made for whatever reason. 

But these situations are rare, and yet, out of around 110,000 thoughts /day

that our brain-mind generates daily, probably around 99.9% are self-created mental audio tapes because our mind hates to remain mute.

Talking to ourselves, all the time, is our default mental addiction, and we are a fateful


Why that?

We don’t like to be lonely, in silence, so we put our inner radio on and listen nonstop.

Talking to ourselves is, in fact,  some sort of ego trip, and surely nobody is going to argue with you while chatting with yourself.

What to do then?

Stopping our talkative mind is close to impossible because it implies total control of it.

What we can do are:

     1 Mindfully paying attention to our incoming thoughts/feelings, and let them go one by one.

     2 Being in the current moment means paying attention, in a mindful way  to:

        What we are doing.

        What one of our 5 sensensorial inputs is perceiving w/o analysis? 

     By doing so, once in a while, you will force your mind to shut up.

     This practice is cumulative meaning the more you use, the more you will become good at it.

  The benefit?

Moving away from mind-made fictional words to the factual reality of the moment.

This is Awakening.