Oakville Zen Meditation

#21.Birth-Death-Rebirth & Karma. 4feb15



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1) At birth: a living being #1 is created  with consciousness (C) + the 4 other components. The 4 others components are the body (B),  the 5 senses (S), the emotions (E) and the mental (M).

2) At death: among the 5 components (aggregates) only consciousness survives. It returns to a "Streaming Consciousness" or Global Consciousness common to all living beings. The 4 others components: the body (B),  the 5 senses (S), the emotions (E) and the mental (M) die.

2) Karma or law of cause and effect will affect the next living being # 2

3) At rebirth. A new living body will be created with new (body, 5 senses, emotion and mental) but with the same previous consciousness . The actions and thoughts of the previous living being will affect greatly the state and life of the new creature (karma).

This post life subject is very controversial among Buddhists scholars. Zen does not consider this topic with priority if not interest.


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.