Oakville Zen Meditation

#22.No edges, no boundaries.7feb15.

"We are free, every one of us. We are born free, and the bondage, restrictions, edges ​and limits that we find in our life are self-created by our mind​. Beside the Law of the Land and Morality ​there ​are fundamentally no edges, no boundaries. ​Zen practice is an experience which ​has nothing to do with believing. Zen ​practitioners are not ​believers per se since there is nothing ​​to understand but everything to experience day by day​.​​

Understanding ​from our analytic mind ​implies a separation between the knower and the thing that the knower knows. ​In Zen such separation does not exist since Zen ​​is a ​direct and intimate ​mindfulness ​experience with our body, mind and surroundings​ moment to moment with a non judgmental attitude. 

Only you ​have the power ​to ​make yourself free and this is a big difference from other religions.​ Only the one sitting in front of this screen and reading these words has the key to open the door."

Adapted from : Mountain record of Zen talks  by John Daido Lori.​

​As conclusion:
A student said to the teacher: " My life is terrible...I am in jail"
​Teacher: "Who put you in jail?"​
Student: "No one"​
Teacher: "Yes...your mind put you there. Don't believe everything you think".
​Student: "How?"
Teacher: "Meditate"​


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.